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Catalogue no. 29:
111 Shan Beauties
111 Shan Beauties - Summer 2022

Catalogue no. 28:
Christmas Special 2021
Christmas Special 2021
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No. A-21-01
Three decorative hair combs
Burma, probably 19th century

Fine surface texture.
Excellent condition with great natural patina.

size (top): 129 mm l x 41 mm h x 5 mm
size (centre): 102 mm l x 30 mm h x 4 mm
size (bottom): 126 mm l x 40 mm h x 6 mm

- sold -

No. A-11-04

Antique large tailor scissors
probably late 19th / early 20th century

Acquired in Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai)

iron, 31 cm / 12,2 inch, 686 g

Price: Euro 125
(incl. 19 % VAT, plus packing and shipment)

No. A-11-02

Bronze Peacock

Peacock fragment in simple shape

Weight: 176 g

The peacock is the Royal symbol of Burma and has been used in former flags of the Burmese Empire

Solid Bronze, rich brown patina with greenish oxidization

Price: Euro 95
(incl. 19 % VAT, plus packing and shipment)

No. P10-02
No. P10-02

Length without bowl: 7.8cm
Height with bowl: 4.2cm
Diameter of bowl: 4.6cm
Weight: 112 grams

Remarks: broken shank face, some small chip, good condition

Price: 65 Euro (incl. 19 % VAT, plus packing and shipment)

No. P10-03
No. P10-03

Length without bowl: 7cm
Height with bowl: 4.5cm
Diameter of bowl: 3.4cm
Weight: 78 grams

Remarks: apart from some small chip good condition

Price: 50 Euro (incl. 19 % VAT, plus packing and shipment)

No. P10-04
No. P10-04

Length without bowl: 9.4cm
Height with bowl: 3.5cm
Diameter of bowl (incl. decoration): 4cm
Weight: 70 grams

Remarks: broken shank face, more or less chip, especially at the bowl bottom

Price: 40 Euro (incl. 19 % VAT, plus packing and shipment)

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