Opium Weight Collection.


Enjoy browsing our collection of animal-shaped weights of Burma.

If you have further questions about any item you want to purchase, please do not hesitate to send us an email:
gallery [at] opiumgewichte [dot] com

Opium Weight Archive.

Hintha H4C

Photo gallery - To study the weights (weights are not for sale).

Silver Collection.

Burmese silver bowl, Thabeik

Silverware from Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Siam.

Lacquerware Collection.

Rattan bowl

Lacquerware from Burma, the Shan States and Thailand.

Manuscript and Sazigyo Collection.


Kammavaca, Parabeik, Paysar manuscripts, Sazigyo binding ribbons and related items.

Buddha Collection.

Buddha Laos

Buddha images and religious art works from Southeast Asia, e. g. Burma (Ava, Kongbaung, Shan States, Tai Yai), Thailand (Ayutthaya, Rattanakosin), Laos, China.

Beads Collection.

Pyu Agate Bead

Ancient and antique beads from Southeast Asia.

Asian Gems.

Dong Son, Rain drum

Artefacts of Asian art.

A selection of Asian art, craftsmanship and antiques.

Burmese Library.

Burma Painted and Described

Important publications about Burma, Burmese and Asian history and Arts.

Vintage Postcards & Photo Collection.

Burmese Man and Girl

Vintage Burmese postcards, First Day Covers and Maps

Our Catalogues 2011 - 2023.

The Lions of Burma - Catalogue No. 6

Catalogue - archive.

Since 2011 two or three times a year we publish a catalogue with the latest and special offers (only online, print-outs resp. paper copies unfortunately not available).
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Opium Weights Forum.

Opium Weights Forum.

In 2007 we set up our Opium Weights Forum as a platform to exchange knowledge, information and pictures about the Burmese weights and other topics of southeast Asian art and crafts.
You will find various sub-forums here with many threads. You are invited to participate, ask your question, post pictures of interesting pieces from your collection or simply follow the discussions.
We kindly ask you to keep your postings free of advertising.

Spring 2024
Spring 2024

Kids VII - Summer 2023
Kids VII - Summer 2023

Christmas Special 2022, Part I
Christmas Special 2022
Part I

Christmas Special 2022, Part II
Christmas Special 2022
Part II

111 Shan Beauties - catalogue no. 29
111 Shan Beauties - Summer 2022

Christmas Special 2021 - catalogue no. 28
Christmas Special 2021

Christmas Special 2020 - catalogue no. 27
Christmas Special 2020

Arts of Asia - Summer Issue 2021
Arts of Asia - Summer Issue 2021
Shan Beauties - Bird-shaped weights of the Shan principalities of Burma

Arts of Asia
Special Burma Issue



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